Events for the Queens Platinum Jubilee

We are hosting a joint event in the park with the newly formed Wickford Town Council.
It will be a Lantern Parade and Beacon Lighting Event starting at 8pm on 2nd June- details to follow.

There are two workshops to put the Lantern Packs together. 3rd and 4th May from 1:30-3:30pm at the Wickford Co-op Store in the Café.

Once the packs are made up they will be distributed to pick up points for people to collect and for them to make the Lanterns at home. To bring to the Lantern Parade on 2nd June.

2 thoughts on “Events for the Queens Platinum Jubilee”

    • Hi Linsey
      They are available, while stocks last, from the Library; Miracle House Yum Yums on the Wick or Chandlers Florist on the way to Shotgate.
      We ask if you do collect one that you attend on the evening as there is limited supply.
      There are full instructions, the handle of the lantern is the only piece of Willow that needs to be soaked

      Kind regards
      Kim Oakes


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