Beauchamps Site Plan

Exciting news on the plans for the Beauchamps Site.
Including a Community Orchard, Woodland, Wildflower Area.

It will be fantastic for the Bio Diversity of the area and make a great addition to the park.

The Woodland Trust will be supplying 3,500 trees for the Woodland and maintaining them for two years.

5000 square metres of Wildflowers.

Six wetland ponds.

200 Fruit Trees for the Community Orchard

And new signage for the area.

5 thoughts on “Beauchamps Site Plan”

  1. I’m interested in buying a tree for the community orchard, please can you let me know when this opportunity becomes available? Also will there be an option to have a dedication plaque to bear the names of the sponsors?

    • Hi Helen
      We haven’t got the sponsorship details yet. should be soon!
      We will post as soon as possible.

      Thanks for taking and interest

  2. Hi, I was very pleased to see the progress of the work taking place. I was wondering if the plans also include improving the entrance from the bottom corner of the car park located at the end of Royal Oak Drive? Also some bins are desperately required at that location.

    • Hello
      Yes I believe work is under way to improve access from four locations including the car park from Royal Oak Drive. And yes new bins, paths and new signage are on the agenda.
      The fences along the river are coming down and fences from the middle area of the park will also come down to open up the area.

      I’ll try and find more details for you. Our group liaises with the council we will be meeting with them soon.


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