Benches Restored

We were given two reclaimed benches which needed a bit of TLC.Janet and Derek Dunn painstakingly restored them for the Crazy Golf area.Well Done! The council contractor cemented them into the ground.

Replanted Home Front Garden Completed!

The Home Front Garden planting has been completed, including new plants and shrubs for the back border. See attached list.Some of the original plants were salvaged and moved to the side borders and raised flower bed. (Wigela, Roses and Stachys-Lambs Ears)

Crazy Golf refurbish

We have started refurbishing the Crazy Golf. The 18 Holes will be mended and repainted plus new tyre ‘animal’ planters will be added and planted up. Work is ongoing! We will resume in the Spring.

New Tools in the Lock Up

We were given a Grant by the council to buy tools. The ‘Friends’ have a lockup in the compound for all our equipment including new Hi Vis with our Logo.

Home Front Garden preparations underway

Thirteen volunteers today, including Joyce who jet washed the rest of the animal tyres(they are safely stored in a dry lockup). The main bulk of us spread 4 ton of topsoil over the central area.No need to go to the gym. Another group raked the back border over, more work to do there! A separate … Read more