No Gardening Group

No gardening group this Saturday 30th April as Bank Holiday Weekend.Back on Wednesday 4th May 2022 9:30am All Hands on deck for the next few weeks as leading up to the Platinum Jubilee Event on 2 June 2022

No Gardening Group

There is no gardening group Saturday 9th April and Saturday 16th April (Easter Saturday)There will be a Walking Tour on 13th April 2022 starting at 10am by the Memorial Main Entrance. Normal gardening group will resume 20th April 2022.

Easter Walking Tour of the Park

Easy walking tour of the Park: 13th April at 10am, meet at the Memorial Main Entrance Runwell Road.All welcome, please wear suitable clothes and sturdy shoes. There will be a history talk from Geoff Whiter and volunteers from the Friends of the Wickford Memorial Park will show you our achievements. It should last around an … Read more

Gardening Group 2nd April 2022

sunshine and sunrays in the woods

There will be a Gardening Group on Saturday 2nd April from 9:30-11am. General gardening, and if we have time we will walk the Beauchamps Field and collect discarded tree guards. Please meet by the compound at Hutton’s Café. All welcome, please wear suitable clothes and sturdy shoes.

AGM 25th May 2022

This will be our second AGM of the Friends of the Wickford Memorial Park. It will be held at the Hutton’s Café at 11am in the back rooms. We have a speaker this year: Josh Childs the new Bio-Diversity Officer for Basildon Council, Parks and Countryside Department. Josh will give an outline of his plans … Read more

Update Community Orchard

Community Orchard on the Beauchamps Site- Two hundred fruit trees have been ordered from East Of England Orchards Buy fruit trees | Apples & Orchards Project ( These will be delivered ready to plant in December 2022.They include: ApplesPearsCherriesPlumsCrab Apples Very exciting for the next phase of the site.

Parkland/Amenity Tree Planting

Planting of the Amenity/Parkland area on Beauchamps Site Species of Trees to be planted on Friday 18th and Saturday19th March 2022 : Silver Birch (Betula pendula) x 2Alder (Alnus glutinosa) x2Rowen (Sorbus aucuparia) x 2White Beam (Sorbus aria) x2Horse Chestnut (Aesculus x carnea Briotii ) x2Beech (Fagus sylvatica) x1Copper Beech (Fagus sylvatica f. purpurea) x1Wych … Read more

Gardening Group

Volunteers welcome to join the The Friends of the Wickford Memorial Park Gardening Group. We meet every Wednesday and Saturday starting at 9:30am-11am. All welcome, please wear suitable clothes and sturdy shoes.Details of tasks and projects can be found on our Facebook site: Friends of Wickford Memorial Park.

Update on Beauchamps Nature Reserve

Planting of the ‘Parkland’ area in the Beauchamps Nature Reserve.Mature trees will be planted in the area where the Beauchamps site meets the main park. Twenty trees will be planted on 18th and 19th March starting at 10am.Volunteers welcome to help plant, tools will be provided. All welcome, please wear suitable clothes and sturdy shoes.